Bible Study: The symbolism in the book of Revelation shows God’s foreknowledge of what is to come. Little spoiler alert: God wins in the end! Join us as we will bring clarity, insight, and application to this amazing book of the Bible.

For: Everyone
Meets: Every Tuesday at 7:00pm
Facilitator: Dan Van Nice
Continuing through the summer months

TREASURED HEARTS GROUP: Will start in September of 2022

For: Women
Meets: Monday’s 10am/onsite or 7pm/Zoom
Facilitator: Pat Wolff

Age range groups

Young Adults Group: A place to grow in your faith, connect with friends and focus on your future.  God has a plan for your life!

For: Adults under 30
Meets: Sundays @ 1pm at the Hirji-Walji’s                                    Facilitators: Pastor Nabil & Sarah Hirji-Walji and Jim & Paula Fromm

Young@Heart Group: Join us for a time of fellowship, prayer and a HOPE inspiring devotion as we look to God’s Word, to grow in our faith together. We also go on monthly trips for fun and fellowship!

For: Adults 50 years of age and older
Meets: 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month @ 6pm
Facilitators: Dennis & Nancy Burkey