MARRIAGE Study: In “Who Did You Really Marry” you will learn from top relationship experts who share practical wisdom, honest confessions, and decades of experience.  You and your spouse will discover how even opposites can get along, communicate, and resolve disagreements as God intended.

For: Married Couples
Meets: Every Friday at 7:00pm
Facilitators: Dan & Karen Muller
Beginning: Friday October 8th, 2021

PARENTING Study: Raising children in a tech-obsessed social media world is tough. What limits do you put on it? Is it safe? Why can’t kids just put their phones down? Is it too late? Engage is a five-lesson, practical course hosted by Kirk Cameron that will help you navigate parenting in a social media age.

For: Parents
Meets: Sundays at 6:30pm
Facilitators: Dick & Denise Blankenship
Beginning: Sunday October 17th, 2021

GOING DEEPER Study: Like the Roman Empire, today’s governments and organizations can be centered on power and believe their messages are the “good news”.  As Christians how do we proclaim God’s name in the midst of false gospels?

For: Everyone
Meets: Every Sunday at 8:45am
Facilitator: King Hurlock

MENS Study: Today’s culture has hijacked masculinity, distorting strength into passivity and abuse.  God has designed men to be protectors, providers, and defenders.  When men act like men, everyone flourishes.

For: Men
Meets: Every Tuesday at 7:00pm
Facilitator: Dan Van Nice
Beginning: Tuesday October 5th, 2021

WOMENS Study: Do you feel powerless?  Jesus transformed the lives of the disciples – and they changed the world.  Through studying the first half of Acts we will discover what true power looks like.    

For: Women
Meets: Monday’s 10am/onsite or 7pm/Zoom
Facilitator: Pat Wolff
Beginning: Monday October 4th, 2021

Age range groups

Young Adults Group: A place to grow in your faith, connect with friends and focus on your future.  God has a plan for your life!

For: Adults under 30
Meets: Sundays @ 1pm at the Hirji-Walji’s                                    Facilitators: Pastor Nabil & Sarah Hirji-Walji and Jim & Paula Fromm Beginning: Sunday October 10th, 2021

Young@Heart Group: Join us for a time of fellowship, prayer and a HOPE inspiring devotion as we look to God’s Word, to grow in our faith together.

For: Adults 50 years of age and older
Meets: 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month @ 6pm
Facilitators: Dennis & Nancy Burkey
Beginning: Sunday October 10th, 2021